Ali shaheed muhammad shaheedullah and stereotypes

Ali was 22 or 23 years old when he migrated to Medina. When Muhammad was creating bonds of brotherhood among his companions , he selected Ali as his brother. [2] [27] [41] For the ten years that Muhammad led the community in Medina, Ali was extremely active in his service as his secretary and deputy, serving in his armies, the bearer of his banner in every battle, leading parties of warriors on raids, and carrying messages and orders. [42] As one of Muhammad's lieutenants, and later his son-in-law, Ali was a person of authority and standing in the Muslim community. [43]

We all wish him the very best of luck for his naat khawani career. He needs support, prayers, best wishes from all you people. He has to go a very long way. This is just a start. We need you all to pray for him that God should always be extremely kind to him.

Babu Rajab Ali Khan (10 August 1894-6 May 1979) was born in a Muslim-Rajput family in Sahoke village of Firozpur district ( now Moga) in British Punjab. His father was Mian Dhamaali Khan and mother Jiooni. He graduated with diploma in civil engineering, commonly known as Overseeri. He worked as an overseer in Irrigation department. He left his job in 1940. In 1947, he went to Pakistan and settled in Okara district of West Punjab. He was a noted Kavishar of Punjab, known as the King of Kavishari. He wrote about one dozen Qissas and poems on the Hindu mythology, Muslim heroes and historic figures and Sikh history and heroes. His poetry reveals his love for Punjab, Punjabi and its culture.

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Some of the people thinking it may be due to those elements who organize the Rawalpindi conspiracy, as they were released and was appointed to high official posts in later period by the Government.

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Ali Shaheed Muhammad Shaheedullah And StereotypesAli Shaheed Muhammad Shaheedullah And StereotypesAli Shaheed Muhammad Shaheedullah And StereotypesAli Shaheed Muhammad Shaheedullah And Stereotypes