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Lay on your side propped up on one hand with the foam roller just above (but not on) the knee joint and roll toward the hip back and forth.

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Our family-owned dance competition company provides regional and national dance competitions for kids, teens, and adults throughout the country. Our family leads the Star Systems community, where we provide friendly staff, low-stress environment, and positive attitudes. Many of the people on our staff are former competition dancers, as well as professional performers, so they bring the atmosphere of a fun, excitement, and experience. We’re excited to make you a part of our Star Systems family, contact us today for more dance competition information!

A similar but distinct family of drums with similar names appears in Iran ( Persian : دهل ‎), Armenia ( Armenian : դհոլ ), and states of Central Asia like Afghanistan, as well as in the Balkans where they are known as davul and in Kurdish as dawol .

The Buddhist, Jain and Hindu archaeological sites in Odisha state, particularly the Assia range of hills show inscriptions and carvings of dances that are dated to the 6th to 9th century CE. Important sites include the Ranigumpha in Udaygiri, and various caves and temples at Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Alatgiri sites. The Buddhist icons, for example, are depicted as dancing gods and goddesses, with Haruka, Vajravarahi, and Marichi in Odissi-like postures. [36] [37] Historical evidence, states Alexandra Carter, shows that Odissi Maharis (Hindu temple dancers) and dance halls architecture ( nata-mandap ) were in vogue at least by the 9th century CE. [38]

Yoga: Our school offers yoga as we believe it is a great complimentary discipline that will improve your connection to yourself, your dance partner, and your dance ability. It is a hatha blend with people who love to dance in mind.

Steve graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Business Communications with the goal of becoming a sales rep like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather, I guess you could say it is in his blood. While at St. Thomas, Steve did some interning with Maximum Sales and after graduation went to work for an office supply company as a Business Development Manager. Steve joined Maximum Sales in 2010 and brings his energy, focus and determination to drive sales. Outside of work, Steve enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, dog, friends and family, while also attempting to win his fantasy football league. Accounts: Target & Supervalu Read More... »

Jazz is a comprehensive class that begins with a thorough warm-up, across-the-floor, ending with a choreographed combination. Appropriate footwear includes Jazz shoes, bear paws, or barefoot.

One of the most common causes of reduced fat-burning and diminished health is the consumption of sugar and other refined carbohydrates . These junk foods have become a staple in the diets of billions of people — but addiction makes us keep eating them. Junk food directly interferes with one’s ability to be healthy and fit — more so than any other food. In fact, a single meal or snack of sugar or refined carbohydrate can not only turn off fat-burning and significantly disturb hormones, but also switch on the genes that cause disease. The MAF Method employs various strategies to successfully eliminate these foods from the diet.

Various - Maximum Dance 2 12Various - Maximum Dance 2 12Various - Maximum Dance 2 12Various - Maximum Dance 2 12