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Scores of New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters in the Klottey Korley constituency besieged the party’s headquarters in protest of what they say are attempts to expunge persons who supported independent candidate Nii Noi Nortey in the 2016 elections, from polling registers. Some party members are said to have resisted attempts to keep Nii Noi Nortey’s supporters on the NPP register...

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Share this page: Opera in two acts by Mozart; words by Emanuel Schikaneder and Gieseke. Produced, September 30, 1791, in Vienna, in the Theatre auf der Wieden; Paris ...

At this time there began to appear many popular works in defence of the authority of the Church and setting forth her precepts. Such among others were the "Summa Doctrinæ Christianæ" (1555) of Peter Canisius and the "Doctrina Christiana" of Bellarmine (1589).

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Assumption: starship purchase price will only be about $1 million per ton of cargo capacity instead of $2 million, because starships are orbit-to-orbit, need no landing gear, need no wings, can use lighter structure because they accelerate under 1 g, and we will assume they can carry twice as much cargo per deadweight ( inert mass ) as a cargo jet.

Pieces of ribbon are used as symbols of support or awareness for various social causes and are called " awareness ribbons ". Ribbons are used in some ceremonies, such as in a ribbon cutting ceremony .

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