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PASCO understands the need for flexibility, which is why SPARKvue supports Windows®, Mac®, and netbook computers, as well as Chromebook, iPad®, and Android™ tablets. Plus, full-featured SPARKvue apps for iPad, Android, and ChromeBook are now  FREE  and can be downloaded at the App Store, Google Play, and the Chrome Web Store.

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It is hard for our little ones to say it all. They can hand it with a huge smile and a “thank you.” Trust me – when you walk away and those folks read these notes. It is super touching. DOWNLOAD GIFT TAGS

A front-page article and picture caption on Tuesday about a surge of interest in the ancient books and texts stored in Timbuktu, Mali, misspelled the middle name of a Timbuktu resident whose family owns a 16th century Arabic text and whose ancestors ruled the city at its zenith. He is Ismaël Diadié Haïdara, not Diadé.

There are many EQ training programs but Six Seconds and its phenomenal trainers are the real thing. You will be personally and professionally transformed.

A successful Hadoop cluster tends to grow as more data and applications are developed on top of it. Additionally, bursty workloads can cause clusters to be simultaneously over-provisioned for the “steady state” and short on resources for burst loads, which in a massively parallel environment can have a crippling impact on performance.

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The Tools - Spark 'Em Up / Love My MoneyThe Tools - Spark 'Em Up / Love My MoneyThe Tools - Spark 'Em Up / Love My MoneyThe Tools - Spark 'Em Up / Love My Money